Monday, July 27, 2015

Creative Inventions that Will Make You Wonder

With today's technology and advancements, it is hard to think of any realistic items that have not been created already. When something new comes along, you are left wondering how that slipped through the cracks until now. There are plenty of inventions that leave people with the "wow" factor, and have them wondering how they have ever lived without them.
Hooded Towels

Imagine children trying to play or adults flipping burgers while trying to keep their towel up after water activities. The hooded towel was made to solve these problems. It was designed to fit over the head with material draping down around the body for convenience. While wearing the towel, you can play, cook, and do almost anything since the towels are hands-free. It also allows you to change your wet clothes anywhere.

Infinity Belts

If you are tired of the bulge that belts create under your shirt, tears in your shirts from buckles, or belts digging into your skin, the Infinity Belt has the answer. Made with a soft material, it wraps around your pants just like a belt but has a flat clasp similar to a bra to ensure comfort. The days of wearing uncomfortable belts are over.

With each new invention that comes along, doings things the "old" ways seem outdated and less practical. This generation is tied to newer and better options and it is being given just that with these creative inventions.

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